Welcome to Wags Pet Motel!  Absolutely the best place for your pet to vacation. We built Wags because we wanted each of our guests to feel at home.  We had a bad experience with boarding  our beloved German Shepherd and did not want anyone to feel the way we had upon returning home.  We enjoyed a lovely vacation and our dog was miserable.  We decided we could do better.

Designed to look like a 50’s style roadside motel, Wags is a fully enclosed facility.  We have no outdoor runs as each guest is treated to walks outdoors for recreation as well as for potty breaks.  This means that every guest gets a lot more attention as a good walk is great for bonding!  Walks are done a minimum of 3 times a day, but as we enjoy the outdoors as well, we take our guests out as much as possible.  We also understand puppies and our older guests need that extra time outdoors. 

Each room at Wags is furnished with either a bed, couch, loveseat, or chair or your own pets bed.  For our guests that are not allowed on furniture at home, we have Pet Cots that are canvas and mesh.  They are about six inches off the floor.  The Cots work well with our older guests with incontinence as we place a pee pee pad underneath for easy clean up.  If a guest has an accident in their room, the room is cleaned while the guest is outside for a walk.  We do not reprimand for an accident as “poop happens” and we want our guests to be happy and not stressed.

Room service and Housekeeping are on going at Wags.  All linen, walls and floors are clean and fresh when a guest arrives.  Our outside play area is also regularly maintained.   Feeding times are done as per our guests schedule.  Bowls are washed and water changed throughout the day.  We understand, again, that accidents happen, and are cleaned up immediately.  We have a toy box full of toys for our guest to choose from.  All toys are put in the laundry as well and rinsed thoroughly. 

Fully heated and air conditioned,Wags is comfortable year round.  We have clean blankets and sheets for our guests that need that little bit extra. Grooming is also available to our guests.  Just ask for details at check in.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.                                        
                                                  Thanks for stopping by  The Mallore Family


About Our Motel


Customer Testimony:

Wags is a place that Bunny calls home. Bunny is they love of my life and to know that wags treats her like family, brings peace and comfort to me. Thank God for Wags Pet Motel, - Laura P.

Great first experience at Wags for our two beagles (Sam & Lizzie). When we picked them up, they were happy, not hoarse from barking, clean, and Wags even washed their bedding for us! Thanks, we can easily recommend Wags to anyone! 
Oliver L.

Wags is worth the drive. My yorkie Charlie loves Wags because of all the human interaction he receives during his stay. The family who runs Wags are very genuinely pet caring folks. :)Roseanne I.

If you need to leave your 4-legged family member anymore, why not leave him/her where they'll be well cared for and truly loved like a member of the family? I wouldn't take Captain anywhere else! Annie and Carmen are among the warmest and most loving people I know!
Becky F.

I left my Gracie there over the weekend for the first time. Based on how she played when she got home, which she did not do before, she is a rescued dog, I have to believe that she had a great time there. She also had a beautiful grooming. Thanks Wags for taking such good care of my baby.
Christine L.

Flower loved it at Wags and I was able to enjoy my vacation knowing she was in excellent hands. Julianna L.